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Discover Exclusive Experiences

As a guest at Gambaro Hotel, you have the opportunity to revel and delight in experiences not found in any other hotel.

Appelles Apothecary & Lab

Exclusive to Gambaro Hotel is the amazing APPELLES Apothecary & Lab Black Label range of skincare. Gambaro Hotel is the first and only hotel in the world to be offering this finest range of Australian skincare.

Discover more about the APPELLES range at Gambaro Hotel Brisbane.

Sealy Exquisite Collection Bedding

Gambaro Hotel is the first and only hotel in Australia to feature Sealy’s luxurious and posturepedic line of bed – the Exquisite Collection.

In fact, no Australian hotel is currently using an “Exquisite” quality mattress in any room.

“The most luxurious beds ever supplied by Sealy to an Australian Hotel.”

King size Exquisite beds are featured in the Gambaro Suites, JG Suite, MG Suite and the main bedroom of the Signature Suites.

This is a “first” and at this point an exclusive bedding offer for hotel guests anywhere in Australia.

Discover a unique colllection of bespoke sleep time products at Gambaro Hotel, all designed to provide you with your most comfortable, indulgent and revitalising sleep experience.

All items in the Gambaro Hotel Signature Sleeps Collection are available to purchase, so you can take home your most restful sleep experience. Contact the hotel for further details.